Motorcycle Suspension and geometry adjustment

The “must” on your toolbox

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Motorcycle with Expert Suspension and Geometry Setup!

Discover how to tailor your motorbike’s suspension and geometry to match your unique riding style with our comprehensive, easy-to-read Book.

Perfect for riders of all levels, this guide offers clear, step-by-step instructions to enhance your riding experience. Whether you’re a casual rider or a seasoned pro, this Book will help you achieve the perfect setup for superior performance and comfort.

This is for sure, the best  (and cheaper) investment on your actual motorcycle and any other of your future ones. The “must-to-have” book in your toolbox.

Improve safety

Safety relies on your riding skills and tire grip. 

Without tire grip, it doesn’t matter what your riding skills are.

An optimal adjustment on your suspension system improves tire grip, which reduces braking distance, enhances stability at high speed and improves traction. 

Make your tyres last longer

A suspension adjustment that suits your weight, riding style and surface make your tyres last longer.
Because tyres are the reflection of your set-up.
Learn how to read your tyre wear and adjust your suspensions to solve any possible issue.

Digital or printed book

Read it where you want. When you want.

Inside the book, you will find…


Geometry adjustments
Working principles
Spring preload adjustment
Spring selection
Damping adjustment
Damping and Geometry Adjustments based on tire wear
Linkage systems
Maintenance tips
SAG Master pro user’s guide
Additional materials to help you

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Bike with Our Exclusive 99-Page book!

Transform your riding experience with our comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide that reveals every secret and step-by-step procedure to optimize your bike’s performance. Learn how to fine-tune your bike’s geometry, adjust spring preload, and perfect the damping – plus uncover countless small tweaks that make a significant difference on the road.

Forget just the noise; experience the thrill of precision-engineered performance. Elevate your ride and discover the true power of your bike today!


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