Your motorcycle’s air filter

Your motorcycle’s air filter is one of the components subject to periodic maintenance, cleaning or replacing it. Depending on the type of air filter used (viscous paper, oil impregnated foam, etc.) and the type of use you give to your bike (road, off-road) you will have to perform the maintenance tasks more or less frequently.…
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Canister for motorcycles

If you have a 2016 or later bike, it is probably equipped with a canister for motorcycles. This system can give you some headaches if you don’t take certain precautions. What is the Canister and what does it do? The canister system, although relatively new to Europe, has been used for many years in California,…
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Front fork oil level adjustment

Adapt the behaviour of your forks using the right oil level for your needs On many occasions we receive inquiries asking about the amount of oil to pour in a particular fork. And although there is an approximate amount recommended by the motorcycle manufacturer, we never recommend using a certain amount of oil, because it…
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