Category: Suspensions

Motorcycle SAG calculator

Here you can find our Motorcycle SAG calculator so to adjust your suspensions spring preload according to your weight and the use of your bike. You can download this calculator FREE using the link below. By using it, you can adjust, according to your weight, your bike and the use you give to it (racetrack,…
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Lowering seat height

Here you will find our point of view about lowering the seat height of a motorcycle. Lowering my seat height?, How? This is one of the most common questions when purchasing your first motorcycle. There are many ways to do it, but one of them (and the most common) is the LESS recommended. We split…
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Suspension oil weight chart

There is a lot of confusion about the suspension oil to use in our front forks or shock absorbers. So, to facilitate the searching, we have made a Suspension oil equivalence chart for you. Now you can compare quickly suspension oils by brand. SAE range Despite what many believe, the SAE range does not define…
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