Suspension oil weight chart

Suspension oil weight chart

There is a lot of confusion about the suspension oil to use in our front forks or shock absorbers. So, to facilitate the searching, we have made a Suspension oil equivalence chart for you.

Now you can compare quickly suspension oils by brand.

SAE range

Despite what many believe, the SAE range does not define the exact viscosity of an oil. It is a reference to a range of viscosities in which it can be contained.

Therefore, the SAE range is more appropriate for use in motor oils rather than for suspensions. Keep in mind that each manufacturer places its oils where they think it should be (it’s not a standard).

In addition, what can cause when changing the oil brand while maintaining the SAE, is that your suspension (being a front fork or shock absorber) behaves in a different way (because the kinematic viscosity is different).

And in a 99% of cases, doesn’t perform better than before.

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General recommendations

We recommend using the original oil on your suspensions so that the damping behavior is not changed.

In case you can’t find the original oil, use the one with the closest kinematic viscosity.

You can look up for the original oil specs in the workshop manual or by asking to an official dealer.

You can also look up for it on internet forums, although it may take longer.

Viscosity or density?

The viscosity is measured in centistokes (cSt) or mm2/s at 40ºC as a reference temperature and is a technical characteristic of each oil.

Viscosity index indicates the “quality” of the oil. The greater the number, the more stable the viscosity is against temperature changes.

Therefore, it is important to remember that the viscosity of a fluid (resistance offered by a liquid to flow) has nothing to do with its density (mass per unit volume).

Check the next video to learn more about the importance of visosity (and suscribe to our channel!)

Suspension oil equivalence chart

Below you can find a equivalence suspension oil chart (both for motorcycle and bicycle) where you can easily choose the closest oil to the original one.

Oils are sorted by Viscosity. SAE range is only shown for your reference.

If you can’t find the same viscosity as your original oil has, choose one with a difference of +/- 5cst. Beyond that, the damping behaviour is quite different.

A change on oil’s viscosity could need a new damping adjuster (low speed adjusters COMP/TEN) set-up.


Original oil was a 14,14cst. Couldn’t find nothing else than a 15.3cst oil. This means that all damping (compression and rebound) will be slower, in general.

Turn the external adjusters 1 click/1/8turn anti-clockwise.

This doesn’t means that suspension behaves exactly the same as with 14,14cst oil, but slow speed behaviour is similar.

The bigger the difference in viscosity from the original oil, the more turns/clicks would need the adjuster.

SAE rangeBrand/productKinematic Viscosity @ 40ºC (cSt)Viscosity index
2,5WPutoline GPR66,66438
2,5WWilbers TF Fork Oil6,74
2,5WPutoline HPX R6,74458
Öhlins 13027,00
2,5WShowa SS2511,27
Öhlins 130412,00
3,5WPutoline GPR612,80378
3WMaxima Plush Damping Fluid14,00228
2,5WSilkolene RSF 2.514,00
Öhlins 130614,00
5WShowa SS1914,14
Öhlins 131214,26
2,5WMotorex Racing Fork Oil14,50250
Motorex Racing Shock Oil14,80272
5WShell Advance Fork Oil15.00153
Öhlins 131115,00
5WPutoline Light Fork15,00
Motorex Racing SD-115,00110
2,5WMotul Fork Oil Factory Line15,00112
5WShowa SS-0515,10
5WShowa A1515,30
Liqui Moly Shock Oil15,30106
3WIPONE Fork Fluid 3 Racing15,50115
5WFox Racing Oil15,80168,2
5WKYB 01M15,85
5WKYB KHL15-1115,90
5WValvoline SynFork16,00339
4WMotorex Racing Fork Oil16,00250
5WKYB KHL15-1016,05
5WMaxima Racing Fork Fluid16,20201
Motul Shock Oil16,3400
5WShowa SS7 (Honda Pro SS07)16,6
4WPutoline HPX R16,90138
Liqui Moly Shock Oil RACE17,4124
Silkolene 02 SYNTH Fork Oil18,00
Öhlins 130318,00
2,5WELF Fork Oil Syn18,00155
5WMotul Fork Oil Factory Line18,00121
5WKYB G518,10
5WIPONE Oil Fork 518,40115
5WLiqui Moly Fork Oil Light18,40
5WMaxima Plush Damping Fluid18,60223
5WMotul Fork Oil Expert18,9108
Öhlins 130919,00
7,5WÖhlins 133020,00
Nitron TVT 0222,00
Öhlins 131022,00
7WIPONE Fork Fluid 7 Racing22,00126
7,5WShell Advance Fork Oil22,00
5WWP #522,00
7,5WLiqui Moly Fork Oil Light/Med22,1139
5WWilbers TF Fork Oil22,50
5WPutoline HPX R22,50162
5WMotorex Racing Fork Oil22,90250
5WSilkolene RSF 523,00
Öhlins 131323,05
5WELF Fork Oil Syn23,30130
7,5WMotul Fork Oil Factory Line24,6131
5WPutoline Formula GP25,10147
5WLucas Oil25,34
7WMaxima Plush Damping Fluid26,70139
5WCastrol Synthetic Fork Oil28,00151
10WLiqui Moly Fork Oil Medium28,5146
7WMaxima Plush Damping Fluid30,40218
7WFox Racing Shox31,82
10WCastrol Fork Oil32,00150
11,5WBMW Motorrad Fork Oil Type 232,00
10WPutoline Medium Fork32,00
10WShell Advance Fork Oil 32.00153
10WValvoline SynFork32,00204
7,5WWilbers TF Fork Oil32,10
7,5WPutoline HPX R32,10151
10WKYB G1032,20
7,5WWP #7.533,40
7,5WMotorex Racing Fork Oil34,70250
10WShowa SS4734,88
7,5WSilkolene RSF 7,535
Öhlins 131535,00
10WMotul Fork Oil Expert35,9116
10WMotul Fork Oil Factory Line36,3134
10WShowa SS0836,51
10WMaxima Plush Damping Fluid37,40182
10WIPONE Fork 1037,70110
20WÖhlins 131440,00
15WH-D Fork Oil tipo “E”41,00
10WLucas Oil42,00
Silkolene 05 SYNTH Fork Oil43,00
10WELF Fork Oil Syn45,40135
10WMaxima Plush Damping Fluid46,00219
15WCastrol Fork Oil46
15WShell Advance Fork Oil46,00154
10WSilkolene RSF 1047,00
10WELF Fork Oil47,00153
15WMaxima Plush Damping Fluid47,10159
10WFox Racing Oil47,36302,7
15WKYB G1547,40
10WWP #1048,10
15WLucas Oil49,2
10WMotorex Racing Fork Oil49,50250
Öhlins 132050,00
10WWilbers TF Fork Oil50,10
10WPutoline HPX R50,10151
15WLiqui Moly Fork Oil Heavy50,4
10WPutoline Formula GP52,40152
15WMotul Fork Oil Expert58,1116
15WIPONE Fork Oil 1560,20115
10W30Motorex Racing Fork Oil63,60180
15WWilbers TF Fork Oil66,80
15WPutoline HPX R66,80165
15WWP #1567,80
20WCastrol Fork Oil68143
20WSilkolene SF 2068,00
20WPutoline Heavy Fork68,00
15WMotorex Racing Fork Oil71,90250
15WELF Fork Oil72,60155
20WLucas Oil77,5
20WMotul Fork Oil Expert81,1103
20WIPONE Fork Oil 2083,10110
40WÖhlins 131698,00
20WFox Racing Oil98,90137,9
15WSilkolene RSF 1599,00
20WELF Fork Oil99,00150
20WWilbers TF Fork Oil99,40
20WPutoline HPX R99,40155
Öhlins 1325100,00
30WSilkolene SF 30100,00
30WIPONE Fork Oil 30102,90106

Your favourite oil is missing?

Can’t find your favourite oil? Send us an e-mail and we will add it to the list!


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